Protectli Vault + pfSense

Lately I have tested Protectli Vault (with both OPNsense and pfSense). Below are some tips/takeaways.

Protectli Vault

Why Protectli

Why FW6D?


My Setup

A Problem

Why it crashed

I searched for ‘msata disconnected’, it seems to be a common problem elsewhere too. Since someone mentioned overheating, I checked the temperature chart under Status ->Monitoring (screencaps below)

Based on the chart, the temperature did not spike significantly before it crashed.

Since the logs clearly indicated the problem of the mSATA drive, I backed up my configurations (under Diagnostics -> Backup & Restore), took the the drive out, reinstalled pfSense on the 1T SSD drive. At this point, I have not gone to the extent to figure out whether the root cause to the problem is the drive, the OS, the ventilation (overheating), or a combo of them. If you have seen a similar problem and delved in further, please share your findings in the comment section.

A trivial problem with HDMI

Drop a comment if you know a magical command to ‘refresh’ the HDMI connection after the device is powered on.




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